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How to start with Shahara?
It's pretty Simple and easy. Pick your require package from our product line categorized in a precise way. Select and add to the cart. Then you require filling in our Sign up registration form. Please select the appropriate payment method and complete it. Your account will be created as soon as your payment receives. In a few minutes you will receive welcome email with the instructions how to upload your site to our server and how to log in your control panel, create email accounts, administer your web space etc.
How do I check to see if the domain name which I want to register is available?
Please navigate to the Domain Registration section. Then search for domain name availability using domain name availability checker. Use the form on this page and fill in the domain name you want to check and select TLD (e. g .com). If the domain name is free to registration then u will have "Add to Cart" button to add it in your cart. You'll have options to change your currency method too.
Does Shahara have a "Control Panel" or some other function to manage my website?
Yes, Hostbangla provides an improved user interface that is fully integrated with cPanel, which gives you access to My SQL, SSL certificates, and other hosting account features. Our hosting accounts feature cPanel which is the business top control panel and offers an ironic online setting from where you can manage your web hosting.
Which soft wares will I get with my plan?
Shahara offers vast line Auto Installer applications such as, WordPress, Joomla, Webmail, OpenCart, PrestaShop, pHpBB, pHpLD, Drupal, SMF, MyBB, Dolphin, and Magento.
Can I add software to my account?
Yes. You have whole control over all features of your account, including the installation of software. If you install software not included in your service plan, we cannot assurance its functionality and it will not be sustained by our technical support staff. However, because we offer support for Perl, PHP, MySQL, and other programming languages, you have very few restrictions when it comes to which software you can install. Hostbangla is continuously adding new and updated software applications that can be installed automatically through the control panel at any time.
Can I check my disk space and bandwidth usage?
Yes. You may check disk space and bandwidth usage from inside your cPanel control panel.
Can I upgrade my account if I need to?
Yes. You can upgrade your account at any time. You will pay the change between your present account and your new account. There are no extra charges involved in upgrading. You can upgrade your account by logging into your control panel.
What is the uptime? How you maintain money back policy?
Uptime is the volume of time your site is online throughout the whole month. The finest uptime would be 100%, but since things can break, Shahara offer 99.9% uptime assurances.
How do I transfer files to my website?
Files must be transferred to the Web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP) or your account's Web-based File Manager. An FTP tutorial is also available for beginner users who may not be familiar with FTP. [Knowledge base link] Shahara provide a Web-based File Manager to make it even easier for you to upload your files.
Will I have unlimited access to update and make changes to my pages?
You have unlimited access via FTP and the Web-based File Manager 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. As such, you can form and maintain your Web pages on your own computer and upload files to your website at your leisure.
Can I use my account for commercial purposes?
Yes, you can use your account to build and run your business, including e-commerce. The World Wide Web has become an effectual and cost-effective means of making information available to a wide user base, and we encourage our clients to practice it for their concern. The Reseller Big plan is the cost-efficient way to get everything you need to start selling online.
Do Hostbangla offer Windows based hosting?
Currently not. Shahara currently runs all Linux based servers. If you are interested in running windows based hosting please write you quote to us. We will attempt our best.
What are the billing payments and methods?
Currently we are accepting Bkash, Brac bank, PayPal, Visa card.
[Note: Clients need to manually pay/renew their services in every periodic schedule.]

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